Saturday, December 4, 2010

nothing but navel

A few nights ago as I was changing Callan's diaper, I noticed that his umbilical cord was just barely hanging on.  I didn't want to physically encourage it to fall off due to fear that I'd somehow hurt him or make him bleed profusely (crazy new mommy thoughts, I know), however I mentally urged it - it has been three and a half weeks, after all, since Callan was born.  It was about time.  I was expecting it to completely fall off by the following morning, so I wanted to snap a few pictures of our little boy with that gnarly nub still attached. 

As I picked Callan up in the middle of the night to change him, I felt something hard on his back under his pj's.  (No wonder he was crying - I'd be uncomfortable too!)  I was confused at first, but as my mind processed this middle-of-the-night-moment, I became one excited momma.  I unbuttoned his pj's to find the cutest little belly button staring me in the face.  I pulled the hard little nub out from under him and proudly placed it aside as I continued to admire my son's navel.

The following day, during a wardrobe change, I took advantage of a nothing-but-diaper moment and snapped a few photos.  How cute is Callan's new belly button!


  1. A gnarly navel to a wonderful belly button. What a transformation!
    Great place for a P-P-P-P-P-P-P. You know the sound.

  2. I remember being fascinated by Eliana's umbilical cord! It had started out so thick and yellow, and it quickly started to strink and discolor. I remember being startled by the clamp marks that were still on it after it had been removed. Awhile later I had an interesting time cleaning out Eliana's old skin that had gotten stuck in her new naval! I loved this update!

  3. You are such a proud navel gazing mama!