Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas cookies

Friday night I decided to start baking this year's Christmas cookies.  Since we're not having a party this year, I'm not going all out.  I had 5 kinds of cookies on my list to make; I'll be mailing some, Travis will be taking some to work, and we'll be enjoying some here at home.  I know that getting any kind of baking done during the week would be a ridiculous expectation, so I took full advantage of this weekend to get everything done. It was wonderful to hand Callan over to Travis for some "daddy time" while I got my bake on in the kitchen.

Over the course of the weekend I made cocoa tassies with peppermint frosting, chocolaty caramel thumbprints, sugar cookies, peppermint meltaways, and chocolate pretzel cookies.  (You can click on each cookie name to get the recipe.)

cocoa tassies with peppermint frosting

sugar cookies before the frosting

 sugar cookies before the frosting

sugar cookies after frosting

This was the first time I've ever attempted to make frosted sugar cookies - they have always intimidated me.  After a little practice, I eventually got the hang of it, and they didn't turn out half bad.  Maybe only 40% bad...but it was my first time.  At least they're tasty!
chocolaty caramel thumbprints

peppermint meltaways

chocolate pretzel cookies

I have to admit that my favorite(s), out of the five different cookies, are the tassies and the meltaways.  I love anything peppermint flavored - these cookies really do it for me.

I love baking during this time of year; I love sampling each cookie (even though I make many of the same ones year after year) and then sharing them with friends and family.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas unless I spend long hours mixing, rolling, and shaping cookies in the kitchen.  It's a tradition that I embrace.  My son will grow up knowing family traditions - even the simple ones, like making Christmas cookies. 


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