Thursday, December 2, 2010

haaaaaaaaaave... met Ted Callan?  If you have, you've made this blog post.  We've snapped pictures of everyone that has gotten to meet Callan, thus far.  My mom and Travis' parents had the joy of meeting Callan at the hospital not long after he was born; as you can see, the clock in the first picture below reads 4:52 am and Callan was born at 3:46 am.  My dad flew in a week after Callan was born, and my sister and her husband flew in a week after that.  One of Travis' co-workers (Josh) visited us, and met Callan, at the hospital a few days after he was born; his girlfriend (Lesley) got to meet Callan about a week later at our place.  Candace and Josie also got to meet Callan two weeks after his birth.  We met for lunch down in OKC (Bricktown) - it was so good to see a familiar face! 

my mom and Callan just after he was born

(There are pictures out there of my in-laws with Callan at the hospital, but they snuck back to Fresno before we could grab copies of them.  We hope to get our hands on them soon.)

Callan with Travis' parents

Callan with my parents

Callan and Josh at the hospital

Josh and Lesley with Callan

Candace and Callan in Bricktown

Callan also got to meet Josie

my sister holding Callan for the first time

Callan with his Uncle Rich (my brother-in-law)

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  1. I'm so glad that so many out of towners have been able to visit you! Especially Candace and Josie!