Thursday, December 9, 2010

locker room bench

Last weekend, the three of us, along with friend Josh, paid a visit to a local antique mall here in Enid.  The store has over 60 vendors, so there was LOTS to look at.  With limited space here in our condo, I had to shop carefully.  I told myself that I could get one thing (within reason) - as long as I loved it.  After walking around for over an hour, I hadn't found anything that stole a piece of my heart just yet.  And, honestly, I was a little upset about that.  I love finding treasures in stores like this.  Then, as we were wrapping up our wanderings, tucked away in what seemed to be a forgotten corner of the store, were two benches - each a different sizes.  They caught my eye, Travis approved, and the larger of the two made it's way home with us in the back of the Jeep.

Right now, the bench sits just inside the front door.  We purchased it with intentions of putting it in Callan's room when he's a bit older.  In the meantime, I'm sure it will float around the house finding temporary homes until it's ready to land in it's in intended space.  But who knows, maybe it will find a permanent home elsewhere in the meantime.  You know me...

The story of the bench is that it came from a school locker room.  (I plan on giving it a good wipe down with some sanitizing wipes [and probably a coat of spray on sealant].)  It came complete with a wadded up piece of chewed gum under the seat.  Yea, that'll get scraped off.  I love the fact that this is such a unique addition to our home. 

see the gum?

Have you added any random treasures to your home lately?  Do share!

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