Monday, December 13, 2010

list of 12

Christmas is only 12 days away!  In the spirit of the "12 days of Christmas", I thought I'd compile a list of 12 reasons why I love each of my boys.  Of course there are more than 12 reasons, but the song isn't called "432 days of Christmas"...

12 reasons I love my son
one - the way he throws his hands up in the air when he gets startled
two - the way he snuggles up on my chest and falls asleep
three - how animated he is when he eats - it's so funny
four - the way he "smiles" at me
five - the way he sticks out his bottom lip before he lets out a good scream
six - the adorable noise he makes after he sneezes
seven - the way he smells
eight - how kissable he is
nine - how he wrinkles his forehead and extends his neck making him look like a little turtle - the cutest, lovable turtle, ever
ten - the way he looks at me when he's sleepy
eleven - the fact that he's mine
twelve - he's proof that God exists; a true miracle and blessing

12 reasons I love my husband
one - he's an amazing father
two - he loves me, even on my grouchy days
three - he's willing to step up when I can't step at all
four - the way he provides for our little family
five - he lets me sleep in when he knows I need it
six - he took a chance on me
seven - his dedication
eight - the way he loves me
nine - how connected we are
ten - how family oriented he is
eleven - his smile
twelve - for making me a mom

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  1. I love the lists and love the list maker.
    p.s. take Zicam.