Monday, December 20, 2010

avian inspired

Last week, I was clicking through some of the blogs that I follow and somehow found my way over to this website.  I came across this fantastic mobile.  I fell in love with it and it instantly got my creative juices flowing.  I see a modified version of this mobile somewhere in my future...

My first thought was a mobile idea for my sister's baby (due in March - yay!), then I thought of some ideas for Callan's room once he outgrows his current mobile...and then I got inspired for some other projects.  I scoured other websites for more bird related inspiration. 

I've always loved the simplicity and serenity of birds on a line - there's just something about it...

(image from here)

(image from here)

(image from here)

I found this light fixture on Urban Outfitter's website - I'm totally diggin' it, but thinking rather than spending the $98 (which is out of my budget anyways), it'll make a great DIY project (minus the birds) of these days.  It's officially on my list. 

birdcage hanging lamp

These birdcages, found on, are super cute (and quite reasonably priced!).  They would be adorable with ornaments suspended in them during Christmas time, or even used for a modified version of the above light fixture.  

birdcages on

These lamps from Anthropologie totally embrace the whole bird theme.  I adore them both, but if I had to choose one, it would definitely be the table lamp.  I love the pale blue of the "papier mache" birds, nevermind the little bird finial.  So cute.

Sort Sol Lamp from Anthropologie

Sibley Floor Lamp from Anthropologie

A few more graphic bird related items that I find inspiring.

wall stickers from this etsy shop

print from this etsy shop

I found this cute little felt bird Christmas ornament at this etsy shop.  I may try to whip up several of these using this one as a guideline.  You might see a few of these on my tree next year. 

I think this wallpaper would be adorable on a focal wall in a guest bathroom or other small-ish space.  Or maybe lining the back of a bookshelf or the inside of dresser drawers.

Lofty Larks Wallpaper from Anthropologie

I can't wait to get started on the projects I already have floating around in my head!  I'm not expecting it to be any time too soon, though.   We've got to get through the holidays first.  Have you come across anything lately that has inspired new projects or project ideas?  Do share!

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  1. HELLO, there. I saw your comment on my guest post for the burlap bows, so I clicked on over;) That--and I saw that you live in Enid and I used to live in Perry, Ok. I called myself Carrie from Perry back in the day. So ca-razy.

    I made this mobile a few years ago, and it was oh-so-easy and it's my most favorite thing that I have ever made for my kids room. So! Now you know it can be done.