Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cider and a card

Yesterday was rough.  Callan didn't nap very much or for very long, I got sick about mid-day (I don't need to share the details, but trust me, things weren't pretty), and Travis ended up having to work a last minute 12 hour shift - which made for a very long day.  So last night I unwound with a cup of hot apple cider.  It was a good way to end a not-so-good day. 

hot apple pie cider is delicious

On a different note, our birth announcements went out last Thursday, and to my knowledge, they have reached both the East coast and the West coast, so I'm ready to share it here on the blog.  Since we had to choose between a birth announcement and a Christmas card, we went with a birth announcement on the front with a Christmas wish on the back.  We love the way it turned out and can't wait to put our copy into Callan's baby book. 

"Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New year - from our family to yours"

I hope the next few days leading up to Christmas are both relaxing and productive for you!


  1. Oh my word. Your baby Callan is so sweet! I love the announcement!

  2. i love the announcement, girl!!

    here's the link to the alphabet cards :) :