Wednesday, December 15, 2010

announcing the arrival of our announcements

I'm so excited!  The birth announcements/Christmas cards that I ordered on Sunday night showed up today!  12:25 pm, to be exact, via FedEx.  They are absolutely adorable.  I can't wait to get them out in the mail - I should have all of the envelopes ready to send out by tomorrow.

The dilemma this year was whether to send out a birth announcement OR a Christmas card.  We had to choose one or the other - it would be too expensive to order two different cards and then pay postage for each.  So we decided to make it primarily a birth announcement (you only get to send those out once!), with a little Christmas wish on the back of the card.  I hope you're not disappointed.  The announcement is just so cute you won't even miss the fact that it isn't "Christmas-y". 

I'll share the birth announcement with you here on the blog sometime next week.  I just want to give the announcements a head start so most of you get to see it in person before you see a digital image of it on here. :)

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  1. i can't wait to see it! a christmas-y birth announcement sounds delightful.