Thursday, December 2, 2010

quandary no more

I posted a while back about a crochet project that I wanted to take on, but wasn't quite sure of my ability to follow a crochet pattern.  (To see that post, click here.)  I'm in love with those little hats, but knew my lack of skill would stand in my way, and even worse, cause me lots of frustration.  I tossed that idea aside; maybe I'd muster up some courage and tackle the project sometime in the future.  It turns out that I have a crochet-fairy-godmother (AKA very thoughtful mother-in-law).

A pleasantly surprised Allison opened a very sweet care package yesterday to find two crocheted hats, just like I had previously posted about!  This totally made my day - I can't stop looking at them, they are so darn cute.  (Did I mention that they are even the exact colors as in the pictures in the previous post?!)  Unfortunately, the brown one is a bit too tight on Callan's noggin (he gets his large "headedness" from his father.)  The blue one, however is going to be perfect for this winter season.  It's just a smidge large at this point, so he'll grow into it nicely.  With that, a huge shout out to my mother-in-law:  THANK YOU!!  I'm so thankful for your thoughtfulness - and Callan's practically hairless head is just as grateful. 


  1. Have you cut Callen's nails yet? I filed Eliana's when she was Callen's age. Now I clip them! They grow so fast that I have to do so about once a week!

  2. I love the rim skull cap. The big buttons are a great touch!

  3. Hey Tasha, I have have filed Callan's nails - but only once so far. They are over due, but I keep forgetting to do it because I keep him in outfits that have the built in mittens to keep his hands covered :)