Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hand-me-down genes

Remember when all we had was a hint of what Callan would look like when he entered this world?  Now that he's here, it's fun to compare what he looks like in "real life" to his ultrasound pictures.  What do you think?  Do you see a resemblance? 

ultrasound picture taken in September

Callan within an hour of his birth 11/8/10

So the question is, who do you think Callan looks like?  We have our opinions, but we want to know what you have to say.  Here's a picture of Callan from last week, as well as one of him on his three week birthday, followed by several pictures of Travis, and then of myself. 

picture from last week

Callan, 3 weeks old

Travis with his grandmother

Travis with his dad
me in the hospital after being born

me, a bit older

So, who do you see?  More mom or more dad?  Do share!


  1. He looks so much like Trav!! wow, so fun comparing the "before" and "after"

  2. He looks different in person than in pictures. And whoever he looks like is okay with me and I will love him just the same. If you pushed me I might have a preference. Does Travis read this?

  3. Hum. Hard to tell! The three week picture and the one with Travis and his grandma look a lot alike. But I think he has more of your lips. Eliana has continued to change, so sometimes I see bits of me and other times bits of Kyle.

  4. I love the old pictures of you and Travis as wee little ones. I'll have to do some more gazing before I voice my final answer of who he takes after. :)