Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sweetest dreams

When Callan dozes off into baby dream land, I take full advantage of my free hands and time.  This is when I get to tackle the chores that have been put off all morning because my little man requires my full attention (which can be exhausting).  I'm hoping to catch up on these chores by tomorrow so I can work on a few Christmas projects that I have planned.  

Mornings are when I jump on the chores, after lunch is when I catch a snooze myself.  I feel better taking a nap in the afternoon when I know that I have had a productive morning.  I don't dare wake Callan with hopes of squeezing in just one more chore before he wakes up himself.  Like they say, "let sleeping dogs babies lie." 

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?  I think not.  Here are a few shots of our little man zonked out.  Feel free to "awh...".  We know.  He's a cutie.

(These pictures are in sequential order, from time spent in the hospital, to yesterday's nap time.)

Callan at 2 weeks old


  1. Awe! I love this update! Thanks for sharing!

  2. He's so precious!! Sleeping babies are the cutest thing everrrr haha