Thursday, November 11, 2010

it's a good day

This morning we got some wonderful news from our nurse.  I will be discharged today!  Yeehaw!  (It's okay, I live in Oklahoma now.)  Also, Callan has been discharged from his bili lights, so he's back in our room with us for the majority of the day.  The nurses only need to take him when it's time for them to administer the meds to his IV.  More good news: my IV is finally out - they won't be pumping me full of anymore fluids (so now hopefully the swelling in my legs and feet will start to go down), and I had a bm.  If you don't know what a bm is, you might want to keep it that way.  If you do, sorry if that's tmi, but it's a big deal.  And I flushed it with a proud grin on my face.  Ok, so maybe those of you who didn't know, now might have a clue.  Sorry, but not really. 

Okay, onto a little venting on my part.  Earlier this week, we had two student nurses shadowing our assigned nurse.  They were great.  Extremely sweet and helpful.  Today, however, is a different story. 
We have two different student nurses following around our nurse.  Well, one does what he's supposed to do, the other is a bit too much to handle.  I don't think I've been this irritated since we've been here.  Enough said.  I don't need to bad mouth her, although I certainly could.  I'll hold my tongue. 

So after we got Callan back this morning, I got to feed him.  My milk has been coming in, so we've got that to adjust to now.  He had a few rough feedings in the middle of the night, but he seems to be coming around and things are looking up.  Unfortunately, my poor little man looks like he got in a fight with a cat.  He's so scratched up because his nails are so long.  The nurses haven't offered to cut them and I don't have clippers with me.  Thankfully, since he is now out from under the bili light, he is back to wearing a shirt that has built-in mittens. Hopefully his cute little face will stay protected now until we can get him home and trim those baby claws.  I've loving called him "baby scissorhands".

When Callan was under the bili lights, he had to wear special eye protection.  They adhered velcro to his temples and then stuck some sort of fabric type "sunglasses" across his eyes.  Where the velcro stuck for 3 days, he now has lovely 1" square red spots.  Hopefully they'll fade within a few days.  His little chin has some red marks too (not sure what they are from).  I feel so bad for his cute little face.  But I still love it to pieces! 

zonked out - milk coma

So that's where we are at, as of the moment.  It's a good day.  Lots of progress.  Lots to be thankful for.  Now we just have to focus on getting Callan home.  That will be a great day.  


  1. So glad you get to go home!!! I will pray that Callan gets to home late tonight or tomorrow. Have they talked with you about how they're going to manage his feedings when you're away? I currently have A LOT of experience with this :) It's hard to be away from your baby so hopefully they'll let you stay by his bedside as much as you want.

    And congrats on the BM :) Having had three c-sections, I know what a seriously big deal that is. I practically threw a party!

  2. Are the other marks on his face pelvic bone indentations? "Baby scissor hands", nice! How much time does Travis get off?