Wednesday, November 17, 2010

from the hospital

Well, we've been home from the hospital since about 12:30 pm Saturday afternoon.  We now have three whole days of "at home parenting" under our belts.   And guess what?  So far so good!  Callan is the perfect addition to our little family.  We couldn't love him more.  We have lots of pictures to share, but lets start with a few from last week. 

While we were still in the hospital, there wasn't much more to do than to snap a few whole lotta pictures while sitting around waiting for discharge news from the nurses.

Travis being the good dad that he is

my mom holding Callan in the hospital

our view out the hospital window

oh, that lip!

poor little scratched face

so cozy

love this one

snug as a bug

love that little neck

we've been discharged! ready to head home from the hospital

who knew there was so much to unpack after coming home from a 5 1/2 day stay at the hospital - and this is only part of it

So, aside from being in the hospital a few days longer than expected, our stay was actually quite pleasant.  Each and every nurse that we had was incredibly sweet and accommodating.  There were a few pushy ones when it came to breastfeeding, but that is now over and done with.  Moving on.  All that matters is that Callan was well taken care of and came home a healthy baby boy.  We couldn't ask for more. 

The past few days have been quite tiring - as to be expected.  It wasn't until yesterday that I got to take a little nap while Callan dozed off into full tummy, happy baby land.  Speaking of, I'm being summoned.  Off to feed the little love in my life. 

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