Monday, November 1, 2010

yarn wreaths

I love finding inspiration and ideas for new projects.  Inspiration can come from a catalog or magazine, a store display, browsing blogs on the internet...just about anywhere.  I came across these yarn wreaths months ago on  While they caught my eye, I simply tucked the project away to access at a later time.  Between a new baby on the way and moving half way across the country, lots of fun little projects got put on hold while priorities took center stage.  Now that baby is almost here and we're all settled in our new place, I have some time on my hands while we wait for the most special delivery we've ever looked forward to.  I decided to pull this project out of "storage" and actually make it happen.

I  pulled the following images from this etsy shop to get my creative juices flowing. I'm in love with the texture and imperfection of the wrapped yarn.  These wreaths are, to me, absolutely beautiful.   

LOVE the color combination of this one
And I found this yarn wrapped frame on this blog - I love the contrast of texture against the smooth, flat wall. 

So, after I did a bit of research and brainstorming on the best way (and least expensive) way to go about this project, I headed over to Hobby Lobby to pick up the materials. 

straw wreath
wreath wrapped in batting - to add a little "cush"
lots of yarn
lots of felt circles for the flowers

finished product
So, for my yarn wreath project, here's the breakdown of what I spent:

18" straw wreath: $3.99
batting: already owned
yarn: $15.58 (I thought one roll of yarn would be enough for cover the wreath, but I ended up short, so I had to buy another...not ideal, but it is what it is.)
felt for flowers (6 sheets at 4/$1): $1.50
total of $21.07

That's a bit more than I was hoping to spend (since I had to, unexpectedly, buy two rolls of yarn), although not too shabby when you consider the owner of the etsy shop mentioned at the beginning of this post charges $65 for a 16" wreath! (plus $12 for shipping)

What do you think?  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.   It has such a cozy feeling - and that's a great feeling to spread around the house during these upcoming chilly months.

Feeling inspired?


  1. It has SUCH great texture! I love it! Turned out great! How are the felt flowers made? I've seen it done a different way, not with circles...

  2. Thanks, Tasha!

    Tiffany, I just guessed at how to make them - I cut the circles and then cut them in half and wrapped them around each other until they were the size I needed. Fairly easy, but time consuming!

  3. how did you make the felt flowers? I've never seen it done with the little circles.. care to share? LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did!