Tuesday, December 6, 2011

first snow & 6 shots

Last night, we got our first snow of the season.  We were pretty excited, although we only got, like, 1/4".
It was cold enough to stick and last through today.  

This morning, we had to wake Callan up from a sound sleep to get him to his 12 month well-baby check up on time.  His appointment was at 9:30am, I jumped out of bed at 8:40 with just enough time to brush my teeth, get dressed, and wake up, change, and bundle up Callan.  The poor guy got 6 shots, 3 in each thigh.  The nurse felt so bad for him, she gave him a sticker and a lollipop as I scheduled his next appointment for March.  The dum-dum seemed to distract him from his poor little legs.
His first lollipop.  He liked it.  He had had enough a few licks in, though.  I was ok with that.

Our little man has Tylenol in his system and is taking a nice long snooze right now.
Shot days are no fun.
For anyone.   


  1. I LOVE that he fell asleep ilk the did in that last picture!!! Was he holding the ear protection head phones in his car seat??? LOL.

  2. Awe snow! It looks pretty from here, but I'll let you enjoy the cold weather needed to get such beauty. ;)