Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my latest project

Remember this 6 day labor of love?  Well, that wall is getting a makeover.  

Here's what it looked like, last night, before I started changing things up.
(I know, the photo and lighting is terrible, but I forgot to snap a picture earlier in the day when the lighting was better...and yes, I was watching "'Til Death".  And I never finished the gallery wall...just as well.)

 Don't worry.  Paint is not involved.  I'm hoping to finish this project before Christmas, although sooner would be lovely!  Projects take a heck of a lot longer when you have a 1 year old under foot.

I'm crazy excited to see what it looks like finished.
I've had this project in mind for, literally, years...and I'm thrilled to finally have it underway.  :)


  1. You my friend crack me up! I get encouraged to work on my little projects here and there as you tackle great feats like walls. I wish you lived closer so you could help me with my alphabet book for Eliana. I bet you've have some fabulous ideas.

  2. ha! he girly!! ~ so i adore this wall~ the paper is amazing!

  3. Thanks! It's a stencil, though! :)