Friday, December 23, 2011

salt dough disaster

Earlier, we attempted to make hand-print salt dough ornaments.
Here's a look at how that went...

"Ok, bud.  Just lay your hand flat...I'll help you."

"No, keep it flat."

"Really?  C'mon dude.  This only has to take 10 seconds...just work with me."

"Here.  Hold this cookie cutter for me.  Yay!  We're happy now!  Let's try again..."

"Ok, you hold onto that cookie cutter...I'm just going to help you press your hand into the dough..."

"There we go!  See?!  It's not so bad!  Good job, buddy!"


"I think we can make them a little better, now that we kinda know what we need to do. Let's start over."

"Good job, bud! No, no, no..don't grab the dough!"

"Well, that was way better!
{sarcasm, totally, intended}

"Ok, last time.  Then we'll call it quits and accept defeat.  Oh!  Good job!  No, no!  Stop grabbing!"

"Well, I think that's the best we're gonna for me!"

And then I put it in the oven and ruined it.  
We won't follow those salt dough instructions again...

Maybe we'll try it again.
Maybe we won't.
Or maybe we'll just try it again next year...

Have you had any luck getting prints of your little ones?
Any suggestions, at all?
Maybe a dough recipe that works really well?


Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?!
December flew by this year.

Here's what tonight holds for us:

Chinese food by the fire
hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows
finishing up all that I need to have done by tomorrow

We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.  Christmas Eve is our Christmas.  For my family, it always has been (it's a Norwegian thing).  Travis, gladly, adopted this tradition.  We have friends coming over for dinner, and I have much to do before then!  But first a little relaxation, fireside, with my boys.  Gotta steal a few quiet moments amidst the holiday craziness.  :)

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases to you and your loved ones!


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