Wednesday, December 7, 2011

play cubby

We have a built-in-hutch in our dining room.
It's great for a little extra storage.
Since we moved in, I've kept my China, craft supplies, and other random things that I couldn't find a home for in the lower cabinets.
Until today.

Callan has been getting into these cabinets and pulling, practically, everything out for over a week now.
And climbing into them.
So I decided to clear them out and give him a little play cubby.
He loves it, it gives me a place to store a few extra toys, and it keeps him out of trouble.

It's a win all around.

He's a little boy, constantly on the go, constantly exploring and conquering new feats.
Like climbing up and standing on his soapbox cardboard boxes.
He's incredibly proud.  Not to mention a stinker.

Don't worry, if I didn't crop the above picture, you'd see that Travis was right by his side as I snapped a few pictures before we distracted him with a new task and removed the cardboard box temptation.

 Have you sacrificed storage space for a little one?
It kind of makes for a bit of a mess as you have to find a new place to shove store everything.
But the happiness on that kiddo's face is totally worth it.  :)


  1. I had to do the same thing with our coffee table. I guess that is the perfect place to store and fight transformer guys. When it's not a battle ground its being used for my little pony get togethers. Gotta love kids :) so creative!!

  2. Eliana loves boxes too! I normally keep them open for her to store stuff in for a few days, and then they disappear into the recycling.