Friday, December 23, 2011

thrifty finds

Yesterday morning we ran out to two of our local thrift stores.  Nothing like a little pre-Christmas thrifting.  The purpose of our trip was to, hopefully, find an embroidery hoop so I could finish up a Christmas gift for a friend.  I have found that they are way cheaper at the thrift stores than buying them brand new at, say, Hobby Lobby.

We had a pretty successful thrifting adventure.

This chair = tufted seat and back, perfect colors, nailhead trim around the legs, no stains, great shape = MINE.
We can finally put the 4th dining chair back in the dining room, because this little beauty found a new home at our computer desk.

Love the tufting.

Love the price.  $14.96

The thrift store didn't disappoint; I found just the right sized embroidery hoop that I needed.  It came with two smaller ones, too.  Bonus.  All three were $.93.  I also found a plain white mug.  $.79 - 40% = practically free.

And I bought thrift store clothes for the first time.  *Gasp*, I know.  So, maybe they're not for me, but they're size 24 months and in great shape.  I have always thought it a little skeevy buying thrift store clothes - God knows where they come from, but I might finally be over that.  I can always run them on the washer's sanitizing cycle.  Now I just need the patience to actually sift through all the dated, [ugly] clothes to find the half-way decent, hey-i-can-work-with-that articles of clothing. These two shirts for Callan were $1.49 and $2.49, not bad.

So at thrift store #1, I scored that great chair, 3 embroidery hoops, a plain white mug, and 2 shirts for our little man, all for a whopping $21.75.

I felt so good after our finds at the first store we hit up, I convinced Travis to head over to another thrift store [one that we've never had luck at, but I figured third times a charm].  Here's what came home with us from store #2:

A white, ceramic, duck head hook.  A splurge at $.99.  
And a pack of Christmas bulbs.  $.59 - 60% = even more practically free than the white mug from the first store.
I have this project in mind for next year, so I'm on a bulb hunt.

We walked out of thrift store #2 spending a crazy, out of control $1.33.

Successful thrifting outings make me happy.
And so does that pretty, tufted chair.

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