Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 months

Good grief. 
I can't believe our little man is 7 months old already.
I'm going to be planning his first birthday party before I know it. 

{what a sweet, sweet profile!}

{ha! I love this shot}

On a side note, have you discovered craftgawker yet?
You might want to check it out.
BE WARNED: it's very pintrest-y.
(ps. there's an iPhone app for it, too.)

 I dig it so much, I'm sitting in a hole.


  1. I hear ya girly, it seriously flies! He is such a cute lil guy:)

  2. I refuse to check out craftgawker.
    I cannot have something else like Pinterest. I get sucked in too much already and I barely go there :)

    side note, I always want to reply to your comments via email, but I can't so here:
    We went for a walk yesterday and today and I will be picking up the weights [during nap time] today. It's about time :)