Monday, June 13, 2011

mish mash monday

We went down to the city this weekend to take our laptop to the doctor.  You know how you have to make an appointment for anything Mac to be seen by one of the guys at the "genius bar".  Let me just tell you how much I despise the Apple store.  Smart move by Apple to locate themselves in a mall - they get oodles of foot traffic.  But it's a nightmare for those of us that ONLY have to go to the Apple store.  And forget about walking from the front of the store to the back of the store with a stroller.  Good grief.  Ok, anyways, long story short, they told us it would cost us $500 to fix the computer.  No, thanks.  It's up on E-bay as a parts computer.  Hopefully we'll get something for it...  At least we still have our desktop.  

So after we left the mall, we grabbed lunch and then headed over to pay our dues to Target.  Target is like our home base.  It's where Callan gets a diaper change on the way out of the store and we sit in the parking lot while I feed him.  He got to stretch his legs in the front seat with Dad for a little bit before we strapped him back in his carseat to head home {in a severe thunderstorm; it was INSANE}.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to take a walk as a family.  It gets us out of the house and we get to check out the other houses in the neighborhood and verbally express our lawn envy as we pass by 2801.  Callan enjoys our walks as much as we do.  

Late last week we had a RIDICULOUSLY crazy windstorm with a 10 pm to 6 am power outage.  Reports say that we had gusts of 60+ mph winds.  There were a few branches down throughout the neighborhood, and our fence suffered a little.  Mind you, the fence is in need of replacement anyways {we knew this when we moved in}, but this storm really did a number on it.  A whole section of fence was on the ground in the morning.

Travis rigged it "back together" the best he could with what we had on hand.  As soon as we have a little extra cash, we'll be replacing a good chunk of the fence. 

Last, but not least, I discovered my new weakness this weekend.  Pretzel sticks dipped in "Nutella".  I put "Nutella" in quotes because it's an off brand of it that we found at Aldi.  YUM.

Not the most exciting post, but when the weekend borders on lame, Monday's post borders, if not crosses into, lameland.

**lame = uneventful**


  1. chocolate and pretzels...there is no greater combination :o)

  2. I want your email so I can respond to your comments :)

    -love Nutella and pretzels. Can eat a whole bag of it. So we don't have pretzels right now. My workouts can't be for nothing.

    -the tie wreath looks great.

    -we have a gallery of photos above our TV too. I love it. We actually have really hard plaster walls so instead of nailing holes I used the Command Strips and photo hanging hooks. That would be one way to hang your frames and be non-committal about it. When I look at your (awesome) wall, I thought what about a shelf type thing with a few really large frames on it propped against the wall?