Friday, June 3, 2011

lazy susans turn productive

You know when you move into a "new" house and the previous owners leave behind a bit of yuck?  Well, the corner/lazy susan cabinet in the kitchen was one of those areas that had a bit of yuck.  Including a tin of sardines, a bottle of MSG {I'm not kidding!}, and some gooey gunk on the lazy susans and bottom surfaces of each of the cabinets {upper and lower}. 

They started out looking like this.
{The lazy susans were already taken out at this point.}
A weird green color.

My father-in-law pulled out the lazy susans while they were visiting during the week of Easter.  I gave them a good scrubbing and then two coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. much better.

Then the insides of the cabinet got the same treatment.  I, literally, had to get INTO the bottom cabinet to paint it.  It was quite the sight.

See the difference?
{Top cabinet painted, bottom cabinet not painted.}
The white is so much better!  

And now all of the stuff that was cluttering the counter is neatly put away in these cabinets.

And now to do something about those red cabinets...

Have a fabulous weekend!  
I'll be finishing up a few little things in Callan's room this weekend and will hopefully share it with you on Monday!
Woo hoo!


  1. So great:) can't wait to see the nursery! Happy weekend:)

  2. please please please come to my house. we have lots to do!