Friday, June 17, 2011

a bit of my friday

We were all up before 8:30 this morning.  That's unusual around here.  We went for really nice morning walk.  Great way to start the day.

Here are a few shots from my day. 

{BLT for lunch}

{fresh, local cherry tomatoes}

{Callan is a crawling MACHINE}

{patriotic dining table}

You guys remember Callan's room reveal, right?  Do you remember the plane decals I put on the wall over his crib?  Well, we picked those up at Target sometime last year - months before Callan was born.  They were too cheap not to.  $14.99 marked down to $3.74.  Gotta love those clearance prices!  So, we bought them just in case we went with a plane {theme} or he ended up liking planes sometime down the road...


The way Callan's room is oriented, with the windows and doorways, we aren't left with much wall space.  So we have left over planes.  The big planes are left {two mid sized, one large}, as well as some airborne cargo.

Do you know a little boy that likes airplanes?  For his room?  For a playroom?  Well, I'd love to give them to you {for him}!   

Be the first to leave me a comment telling me that you have the perfect little boy in mind, and I'll send them your way.  

{Mind you, each of those sheets measure 12x24 - that biggest plane is pretty darn big.}  

{you'd be getting one of the planes on the top, and then two of the ones on the bottom, plus the parachuting cargo}

My goal this weekend is to clean house.  I've been so distracted with projects lately that stuff is starting to pile up and it's really getting hard to work around, let alone look at every day.   Here's to a productive weekend!  

Hope yours is lovely!


  1. I've been munching on yummy cherry tomatoes too. Just another wonderful thing about summer :o) I don't want the planes, but I think it's so sweet how you give cool stuff away you just don't have a use for. I still need to use that fantastic fabric you gave me!

  2. Allison, that BLT is making me hungry! I wish I had a little boy for the planes but it's so awesome that you're giving them away!

  3. Oh my stars and bananas! I wish I had seen those decals at my Target!! My sons room is completely done in planes. Vintage, modern, and artistic. I've been looking everywhere for cute wall stuff, and it's been hard to find! If you haven't found a home for them yet, we would LOVE them!! (And his nekkid walls would too!)

  4. Heather, they're YOURS! I'm going to send you and e-mail right now :)