Monday, June 6, 2011

Callan's room

Well, I can happily say that I'm about 95% done with Callan's room.  Just a few more touches and it will be complete.  It might be a while before I get around to those last touches, so here's a peek at what the room looks like at nearly finished.

But first,
let's take a quick look back at what Callan's room looked like when we moved in.


Remember those lovely 1970s intercoms?
Yea, those are GONE {thanks to my father-in-law}.


Ok, on to what that formerly purple/grey, dingy room looks like now.

{framed monogram inspired from here, painted CA inspired from here}

{pendant inspired from here}

{US map inspired from here}

{paper airplanes inspired from here}

Left to do in the room:
add a shade to the arched window
add some sort of valance to the other window
buy/make a curtain panel for the closet doorway, and install it
{eventually} replace the carpet or hunt down an {8x10} area rug
paint the door

I think Callan approves.

**{Note: This room was re-done on a ridiculously small budget.
The cost of a can of primer and a can of paint (my parents bought the second gallon of paint), and maybe $15 for maps and fabric.  Everything else we already had - items were repurposed, repainted, and reused.}**


  1. adorable! we have paper airplanes hanging from my six-year-old's ceiling, too. love it!

  2. His room looks fantastic!!! I love it! All the fun, special touches...great job!

  3. What an adorable nursery! I absolutely love the bench, changing table /dresser and map light- very creative!

  4. Allison! You seriously just inspired Jack's playroom make over. I am totally in love with everything!

    What a sweet room for Callan. I love it!!!

  5. your so creative! I love his room!

  6. Yay! It looks so fantastic! The Callan Picture frame is awesome and that light is too!

  7. Wow! So many cute things I can't pick my favorite! Love the alphabet banner, the frame above the crib, the map light and especially the US map on the wall! Great job :)

  8. very creative!! my husband is a history/geography teacher - he would love the map details!

  9. This room is adorable and super clever! Fantastic job...I'm so inspired!

  10. Thanks, girls! You're making me blush... ;)