Friday, January 7, 2011

+ color

When we first moved into this condo, I was pretty excited to live with white walls.  I've always admired the fresh, crisp feeling of a white room with neutral furnishings and accessories, like the room below.  Beautiful.  Comfortable.  Relaxing.


Now that the Christmas decorations are packed away until next year, the place is feeling pretty sparse, and to be honest, a bit bland.  I'm feeling the need to inject some color into this place.  Ideally, I'd paint the walls, but no can do here.  I'm thinking if there was more architectural interest, the white walls wouldn't be so bad (or at least a better shade of white), but the condo is just so simple - builder grade dullness.  A simple switch out of drapes or throw pillows would do the trick, but it's finding just the right ones that makes it difficult.  

Here are a few curtain options that I'm contemplating.  At first I was drawn to the ones on the left, but now I'm leaning towards the ones on the right...(and why wouldn't I - they cost more.)

checkered curtains from here; floral curtains from here

My coffee table is a glossy teal color and I have to (and want to) work with it, so that's my jumping off point for colors in the room.  

Here are a few pillow options that I'm considering.  I'm totally into the teal/tangerine color combo. 

pillow sources from left to right:

I love changing things up around the house.  I'm fearful, however to invest in changes and wind up not liking them in the end.  Sometimes I need a push.  This is one of those times.  Tell me what you think!  Curtain preference?  Any pillows that you like best?  Other sources that might be helpful?  Help a girl out!


  1. well- you probably don't want my opinion cause I am too matchy matchy. ;)

  2. You ARE too matchy-matchy...but I still love ya ;)

  3. I like the flower curtains too!
    pillow faves are top left middle right and bottom left.
    whatever you do will look great allison! it always does! :)