Monday, January 24, 2011

love a lazy weekend

This weekend was fabulously lazy.  Saturday we stayed in our pj's until about 4:30 pm, then hit up our favorite thrift store (I snagged a few items I'll share with you soon) and grabbed some dinner with friends.  Sunday we headed out to church for the first time since Callan was born.  It felt good to be back at church after not going for the past few months, even though I did spend three quarters of the sermon in the foyer with a fussy little boy...  After church we came home for lunch and a quick rest, then headed over to a local antique mall, meeting up with the same friends from the night before.  We wandered for a few hours, pointing and saying, "how cool is this?!" and "ooh, I love that, but not for that much".

You know you want a golden alligator and an ugly goose... (gag!)

I love old hand tools - they are so well made and beautifully sculptural.  Particularly wood planers.

 The Tupperware below (bottom right) is exactly the same Tupperware my mom had when I was little.  Come to think of it, she might still have it...

A few items did make it home with us today.  I can't wait to clean up these pieces of art and spruce up the frames.

Hope your weekend was lovely!

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