Thursday, January 20, 2011

snow in the house

I was up last night until almost 1 am.  I had been working on a few projects while Callan was sleeping.  Sometime after midnight it started to snow.  This makes snow no. 2 for us in Enid since we moved here in September.  

It was around 12:30 am that I went to look out the back door to see how much snow had accumulated so far, and found this.  

The weather stripping wasn't exactly doing it's job...

Snow in the house.

This morning as I let Ellie out to do her business, I was a smidge disappointed at how much snow we actually got.  I was hoping for inches, but we ended up with just a little more than a dusting.  The "snow drift" at the door, though, made me smile.  Yes, it's the little things...

 Still beautiful. 



  1. oh how i love that last pict--so pretty~

  2. I agree with Sharstin~ that last picture is beautiful! I love snow, too, and wish it would do more of it around here! Oh to live in Alaska, or some other snowbound place! I hope you get more snow soon! :)

    Thank you also so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on the felt heart wreath! :) I am so glad you like it.

    I hope you have a fun weekend!


  3. The pictures are great but that last one is my favorite. It is so pretty. Love your blog!!