Wednesday, January 5, 2011

fussy & frazzled

Today was rough.  Not just because of my grandpa, but because Callan was in rare form.  One minute he's happy, the next he's screaming, one minute he's sleeping, the next he's awake, one minute he wants to eat, the next he wants nothing to do with feeding...ugh.  He's been super fussy.  It could possibly be due to the fact that he got his 2 month immunizations this past Monday, or because he knows he's FINALLY going to be circumcised tomorrow.  Either way I don't blame him, but man, am I worn out and feeling totally frazzled.   As you can see...

...still in my pj's, yet to shower, total crazy hair going on...
(although this seems to be the norm these days)

 I was out of ideas earlier, so I tossed my little fussy boy into his sling.  It worked for quite a while.  I got a few things done around the house - the movement lulled him to sleep.  He got his best nap of the day while chillin' in his sling.  At one point I put him on the bed (as you can see below), but he woke up not too long after, so I 'slung' him back up and he zonked back out. 

It's always a relief when Travis gets home at the end of the day.  I can hand the little one over so I can get a much needed break from holding and tending to our son.  A nice little breather.  Especially today. 

Tomorrow we are heading to the hospital for Callan to get circumcised.  Finally.  Be praying for him (and me!).  I'm sure it will be a trying rest of the week, but we'll get through it.  Poor little guy. 


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