Monday, January 10, 2011

hang alphabet cards - check!

I had high hopes for this past weekend.  Travis was away at drill in Tulsa, so I thought I'd be able to tackle a few projects and get the house tidied before he got home on Sunday evening.  I have a project list that's yay long (arms stretched wide), and hanging the alphabet cards I ordered and received last week is towards the top of said list.  However, Callan was quite the demanding little boy this weekend, so not much got accomplished.   I did manage to get the letters hung in Callan's room on Saturday.  It only took me about 6 hours.  Yes, 6.  Between diaper changes, feedings, and a little boy that would only sleep in my arms, this felt like the never ending project (and weekend).  It should have taken me no longer than half an hour to get these hung, but it's done now, and that's all that matters. 

We used to have an IKEA print hanging on the wall in the nursery - it was put here only because we had no where else in the condo to put it.  It wasn't ideal (plus I'm kinda sick of it) - it was just something to fill the empty wall space.  The "after" is so much better.  I love the alphabet cards so much - I steal glances at them throughout the day, they're just so darn cute.  Hopefully Callan will love them too. 

To hang the alphabet cards, all I needed was 6 cup hooks, some twine, and a few mini clothespins.

Such an impact in this tiny, bland room.  Definitely adds the punch I was looking for!


  1. love it, can't wait to see it in person!!!!

  2. I love this! Just what I have been looking for. :) Love, love, love the mini clothes pins!