Thursday, January 13, 2011

empty wall turns lovely

 There's this wall in our condo...

It's not big.  (Not quite 5' wide.)  But big enough to house an awkwardly positioned thermostat and doorbell.  You can't exactly hang a mirror or single piece of art here - there's no way to center it.  Such an annoying little wall.  Since we moved in, almost 4 months ago, it's been bugging me.  Yesterday, I fixed that.

I hung some of my favorite art on this once annoying wall.  You don't just see the thermostat and doorbell right away now; your eye is drawn to the art instead.  
Mission accomplished.

 1  A cutout I made, simply using a piece of scrapbook paper and an X-acto knife

2  All of our names exists as street names on Staten Island, NY!  This was a special gift from my sister and brother-in-law :)

3  A print I ordered for Travis for Christmas.  He has always wanted to collect old/vintage cameras.  Since they can be a bit pricey, I got him a printed collection for only $25

4  Some of my favorite pictures of our family and little fella

And then there's the hoop.

Right now it's a place saver.  I have a project planned for this spot.  Stay tuned. 

I'm loving this wall now - it's my favorite wall in the house.  Is that weird to say?  That I have a favorite wall?  Oh well.  And it's my view from my "work station".  Loving it.

 (How annoying that the art all looks crooked in this picture - 
it's all straight, I promise!)

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