Wednesday, January 12, 2011

numbered jars

While we were in New Jersey a few weeks ago, we visited one of my favorite East Coast shops - The Christmas Tree Shop.  This place can be hit or miss, and this time it was mostly a miss - except for these little numbered jars I found.

I love them because they remind me of these that I recently found myself admiring from Sur la table.  These jars cost $5.95 a piece, where as mine were a whopping $1 each!

They currently reside on our (ever changing) entry table dresser.  They add a little graphic interest that this little corner was lacking. 

I love finding inexpensive items that reflect a more costly design idea.  Totally makes my day :)


  1. OOHH those are super cute! :) love em!

  2. those are fab! and they look great on your dresser~

  3. Look at those little cuties!! Great find. And I also love your polka-dot background! :)